• I can confirm i am doing very well - and after the last adjustment you made i am having no trouble at all with the shins or knee. thank you!

    - Kate Rodger, Tv3



  • you're a LEGEND! ran 9.5k today, Pain Free!

    - Carly Flynn, Tv3



  • I am glad to report that I managed to go faster, harder, and enjoy it more, without any significant pain in my knee!
    Thank you for all your help, it has made a huge difference in my cycling.

    - Barry Beaurain, Athlete



  • Just want to thank you as the exercises and heat treatment has, and still is - amazingly beneficial to my knee.
    The difference in how my knee feels now and how it used to be, is unbelievable! A year ago when I met up with you, I was quite depressed and felt very down in the dumps- and always in constant pain. Now I hardly ever have pain - just on the odd occasion, but it is very controllable and I can live with it.
    So I really want to thank you for your amazing help!
    From a very happy patient!

    - Dalene le Roux