We offer complete Sports Podiatry care for the entire family, from children to the elderly,
athletes to the inactive, for everyday aches through to complex sports injuries.

Our Sports Podiatrists provide specialised treatment for soft tissue injuries, sporting injuries,
overuse foot conditions and mechanical conditions of the foot and lower limb using specific
exercises, walking/running techniques, footwear and customised/prescription insoles.
10 Reasons to choose Auckland Sports Podiatry
  1. We are Foot and Ankle Pain SPECIALISTS - We specialise in Musculo-Skeletal Pain
  2. ACC injuries are FREE of charge and you don’t need a referral
  3. EXPERIENCE- Each member of the team has a minimum of 5 year’s experience
  4. AFFORDIBILITY- Our consultations and orthotics are competitively priced
  5. We have an entire body holistic approach, your entire gait will be analysed
  6. We make our own orthotics and have 2 workshops for quick and customized manufacturing
  7. We GUARANTEE our orthotics to be 100% comfortable
  8. TIME- if we don’t see you within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment, then your treatment is FREE of charge
  9. We treat EVERYONE - Young and Old, Inactive or Elite Athlete
  10. Five handy locations Auckland Wide 

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